Steak Rub.

05 Jun

Steak Rub


Now, I could post a hundred entries on rubs.  And I probably will.  But here are three really quick things that you can do for a great steak on the grill.

First.  You cannot use too much salt on a steak.  It makes a great crust.  There is some debate about this.  But trust me.  One thing I like to do is clarify some butter, cool it, mix it with olive oil, coat the steak with it (not too much as to prevent flare ups), and salt and pepper generously.  Easy.  Simple.  Elegant.  And makes your steak taste at least as good as (and often better than) the restaurant version.

Second.  And this is my “go to” for simple steak.  Let steak sit out of the fridge for 30-45 minutes.  Salt and pepper generously.  Now.  Get you hands on some Turkish Red Pepper.  I’ve been fortunate to have been to Turkey, and Turkish Red Pepper is abundant.  It is hot but not too hot.  Rich.  Deep.  And far better than the cheap red pepper flakes you’re used to cooking with.  Check here for an example of this awesome spice.  Sprinkle generously and grill.

Third.  Here you go:

1 1/3 T Kosher salt (or more to taste)

1 T Chili powder

(or 2 t of Chipotle chili powder for some heat and spice)

2 t Cracked black pepper

2 t Garlic Powder

2 t Onion Powder

1 t Sugar

1 t Cumin

Mix.  Apply.  Grill.  Savor.

The Grilled Atheist


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