Rice and Beans…

14 Jun

Rice and beans, or some variation, is a staple in many countries around the world.  I’ve had rice and beans in Mexico, Spain, Africa, and Brazil.  Check out this link for some info.  Here’s a really, really easy recipe with so many short cuts it’s embarrassing…  But it will lead to a nice side dish, and then lots of leftovers for lunches.

Get black beans.  Any kind.  If you would like to by dried and rehydrated that’s fine, but I’m lazy and so I use canned.  I also like adding hominy.  If you haven’t used hominy, it’s just corn that has been alkalinized.  Grab a can in your local market.  It works very well with the beans and has a nice soft texture and sweetness.  Now.  Here’s the kicker.  I love to add recaito to the mix.  It is a wonderfully savory cilantro based “sauce.”  Goya makes a fantastic version, or you can make your own.  It’s pretty easy to make, but when hard pressed for time I love just using the Goya Recaito.

Use two cans of black beans, one can of hominy, and half a jar of Goya recaito.  Put in a pot a mix.  Simmer over low-medium heat.  Then put however much you’d like to eat over rice.  You can season with salt if you want but the recaito should be salty enough.  Season with lime and pepper.


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