Momofuku Cookbook

20 Jun

If you’d like to check out an awesome cookbook, pick up a copy of David Chang’s Momofuku.

This book really is the bomb.  The recipes are to die for.  Things like chicken wings with bacon cooked in rendered duck fat…  Really?  Holy crap.  The recipes are, for the most part, doable.  One of my favorite sections is “pickling.”  It’s definitely a take that I haven’t seen in the past.  And the book itself is very entertaining, very readable with lots of great stories in addition to the recipes, giving it all of David Chang’s personality.

The coup de grace is, of course, the Ginger-Scallion Sauce recipe:

This stuff is completely addictive.  Once you have it you will always want to make sure your fridge is stocked.  You can put it on just about anything.  In one of the pics on my blog I am actually eating a Korean Noodle Bowl with this sauce.  This one to be precise:

I basically like to make some noodles (any kind will do, from Ramen to Soba), mix in some of this sauce, and then add some pickled cucumers, pickled chili bamboo shoots, a fried egg, and “simple steak” (aka, pan seared with salt, pepper, and chili powder).  Try it,


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