Kitchen Tech.

22 Jun

Really cool NYT article forwarded to me by a friend on TECHNOLOGY in the kitchen.  Fun, useful, innovative technology for your kitchen is everywhere now.  And being a guy who likes his toys and likes to cook, my pocketbook is in danger at every turn into a Williams Sonoma or Sur La Table.

I’ve posted some of my thoughts on necessary equipment HERE, but holy smokes there are so many UNnecessary awesome things to make for a happy kitchen.  I love the rice cooker that they feature in this article.  I think a rice cooker is a nice item for your kitchen appliance repertoire.  I have two.  A smaller (and less expensive) version of the Zojirushi in the article.  Many, many options for cooking things other than rice.  And the “fuzzy logic” makes for perfect rice everytime.  I also have a small 4 cup Cuisinart rice cooker and steamer.

LOVE the thermometers that they feature.  I’ve got a large remote sensor thermometer and a small pocket-sized instant digital.  Both of the one listed look great and I especially love the Smartphone app as your remote link.  The Thermaworks company also looks like they have a ton of great products.  In my opinion, despite the fact that I’d rather HAVE the Thermapen instant read or the Bluetooth one, the SuperFast Instant read for $19 is unbeatable.

Go buy some TECH!  Cheers!

The Grilled Atheist


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