Modernist Cuisine

23 Jun

Oh man…do I want this.  I mean really, really, really want…

Modernist Cuisine is the epitome of science and cooking.  Chef (and Dr) Nathan Myhrvold, Chef Chris Young, and Chef Maxime Bilet have put together something that looks absolutely unfathomable as a reference for the WHY and HOW of cooking.

This set is FORTY pound.  The ink alone weighs four pounds.  There are over 2300 pages.  The photos are brilliantly done.  Visually stunning, with many “cut away” photos so you can actually get an idea of what is going on in the pot.  And stock quality of the paper is amazing, as they actually want you to use this tome in your kitchen not just have it look nice on the shelf.

But this book set will not come cheap.  The price tag?  Between $450 and $625 depending on where you shop…  Hope I get a bonus soon.

Just do me a favor and use the link above.  Check out the bio on Dr Myhrvold.  Look at the pictures and the video.  Look at the reviews.  And if you love to cook, try and tell me that you don’t want this bad boy.

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