Carving Set

27 Jun

I don’t really think a carving set is essential.  But it is nice to have for holidays.  And, well, let’s face it, you can use it for all of your general carving too.  We think of the Thanksgiving turkey when we think of this implement.  But I think you can use it for any of your roasts, ribs, chucks, chickens, hens, and loins.  And it gives you a reason to go get one…

This is my Shun set, which I absolutely love.  The blade on the knife may be the sharpest one that I own.  The fork is great too although pretty general.  You’re really buying the set for the blade.

The only problem with the Shun knives that I’ve found is that they’re easy to blemish and chip.  That’s the price you pay for sharpness.  However, Shun knives have a lifetime warranty and you can send them in anytime for resharpening and for tending to any chips or dents.

I am not paid by Shun, but I think that you should go test drive some of their knives.  You will be pleasantly surprised.  But lighter in the pocket for it.


The Grilled Atheist


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