Buffalo Steaks.

22 Jul

Buffalo meat is fantastic, and you can now get it at most major markets.  In addition, you can get it online at places like here and here.  I would definitely suggest that you try it out.  Buffalo has some health benefits, being leaner than regular beef.  It is much less marbled and has significantly less fat.  Compared to 8-10 grams of fat in 100 grams of cooked steak, buffalo has only 2.5 grams.  It therefore carries less calories than beef; It has about 50% less cholesterol; And it also has a little bit more iron and Vitamin B12.

Notice how the buffalo steak (right) has a much deeper red color than a regular strip steak (left).

Seasoned simply with salt and pepper.

Because it has less marbling you have to cook buffalo a little differently than the way you would cook a regular steak (fat acts as an insulator causing other meats to take a longer time to cook).  It’s very easy to overcook, so you have to use some caution with your heat source.  Best served Medium in my opinion.  If you want to grill it, make sure it’s over indirect heat rather than direct.  If you want to use your broiler, use the lower rack.  If you want to do it in the oven try to keep the temp around 275 degrees.  Use your meat thermometer, and cook to an internal temperature similar to beef (130-135 for medium rare, 140-145 for medium).

I think you’ll very much enjoy the taste as well.  It is much richer and more tender than beef, but it doesn’t taste “gamey” like some other types of meat like deer, rabbit, or quail.


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