Positions in The French Kitchen

09 Aug


Who knows.  It’s how my brain works.  Maybe it’s because I was watching Ratatouille with my kids, but I was interested in all of the positions in the French kitchen.  Turns out there are 27 of them altogether…  The system was created by the legendary chef and innovator of Haute Cuisine, George Auguste Escoffier.

It’s a rather complex, and presumably archaic, system.  And although most kitchens are based on this ranking idea, very few have every position.  So, here they are:

Chef de cuisine (Kitchen chef)

Sous-chef de cuisine (Deputy kitchen chef)

Chef de partie (Senior chef)

Cuisinier (Cook)

Commis (Junior cook)

Apprenti(e) (Apprentice)

Plongeur (Dishwasher)

Marmiton (Pot and pan washer)

Saucier (Saucemaker/Sauté cook)

Rôtisseur (Roast cook)

Grillardin (Grill cook)

Friturier (Fry cook)

Poissonnier (Fish cook)

Entremetier (Entrée preparer)

Potager (soup cook)

Legumier (Vegetable cook)

Garde manger (Pantry supervisor)

Tournant (Spare hand/ roundsman)

Pâtissier (Pastry cook)




Boulanger (Baker)

Aboyeur (Announcer/ expediter)

Communard Garçon de cuisine.

Whew…  Well if it works.  All I know is that I’m going to refer to myself as a “Grillardin” from now on…


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