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OMG.  You may never want to cook a burger another way again…

In making the smashburger (no relation to the restaurant) you’ll be utilizing a different technique.  Making the burger on the griddle instead of the grill.  This will ensure that you keep all of the juices in the meat.  Makes for a ridiculous taste sensation.

The burger:

I don’t care what you put in it…  Make the burger any way that you would like.  Most of the time I don’t even measure anymore when I make burgers.  I just kind of know how much of what that I like to go with the meat.

In the bowl I start with a lightly beaten egg, add in the ground chuck (this is about 1.75 pounds), and then I put in “shakes” of Worcestershire sauce, chili powder, granulated onion and garlic, smoked paprika, salt, pepper, and cinnamon.  Mix thoroughly but gently.

Roll into 1/4 pound balls.  Slice onion into 1/8 – 1/4 inch slices (rounds).

I have a great cast iron stove top griddle that I like to use.  Otherwise use a large cast iron or other pan.  Place the griddle on the stove and put gas on high.  Grease pan (oil or Pam).  Place each ball of meat on the griddle with enough room to be smashed into a patty.

Cook that way for at least three minutes, then SMASH each ball into a patty.

Cook for a couple of minutes on each side for medium-rare (3-4 minutes for medium-well).  Meanwhile place a small amount of butter on the pan and an onion round on the butter.  Flip after 1-2 minutes.

When the hamburger is done place the patty on the onion round for another minute…  This step is critical!  It allows all of the good, heavenly juices to drain down into the onion.

Place onto a warm bun.  Top how you’d like.  I’m a purist, so just mustard for me please…

If it’s not the richest juiciest burger you’ve had…then you did something wrong and shame on you!


The Grilled Atheist

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Book Review – The Dog Stars





Just finished The Dog Stars by Peter Heller (Knoff, $15.56 at  Man.  What a fantastic novel.  Similar to The Road by Cormac McCarthy by a little less gruesome and a little more optimistic.  No spoilers given.


The story is post-apocalyptic in nature, taking place in the not too distant future after a virus wipes out 99.9% of humanity.  It revolves around Hig, his dog Jasper, and his somewhat unstable “friend” Bangley.  Hig and Bangley live at a rural air station, and have been there for almost ten years after the fall of humanity.  It is a story of their survival.  Their sometimes pressed but necessary relationship.


Just reading this makes me wish that I had an iota of the writing talent of Heller.  The prose is fluent, introspective.  Just a couple of examples:


“Is it possible to love so desperately that life is unbearable?  I don’t mean unrequited, I mean being in love.  In the midst of it and desperate.  Because knowing it will end.  Because everything does.  End”


“Grief is an element.  It has it’s own cycle like the carbon cycle, the nitrogen.  It never diminishes not ever.  It passes in and out of everything.”


“Life and death lived inside each other.  That’s what occurred to me.  Death was inside all of us, waiting for warmer nights, a compromised system, a beetle, as in the now dying black timber on the mountains.  And life was inside death, virulent and insistent as a strain of flu.  How it should be.”


If you like McCarthy, Hemingway, or post apocalyptic stories go out now and grab this…you won’t be able to put it down.










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