Yeah.  This topic usually gets everyone going doesn’t it?  Just like religion.  We’re not supposed to talk about them in civilized company.

But I say, if we don’t talk about our ideas and beliefs then how can change or progress ever occur?  I’m not saying that my answers or beliefs are correct.  I’m just saying that we should respect one another and share our ideas to the most rational extent possible.  And ultimately, I think people should be allowed to believe in or subscribe to whatever religion or politics they want…so long as they don’t infringe upon the rights of others.  As said by Oliver Wendell Holmes, “The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins.”

From a political standpoint I categorize myself as a “Libertarian.”  This word too conjures up images of people whose sole purpose is to legalize drugs.  If people would understand the structure of this ideology, I suspect that most self-declared Independents and many Republicans and Democrats would actually (if they allowed themselves) fall into the category of Libertarianism.

Haven’t you ever noticed that when you enter the voting booth, most of the time there is no one who espouses your political ideology?  “It’s like choosing between two steaming bowls of shit,” as put by Lewis Black.  They’re either fiscally and socially conservative or fiscally and socially liberal.  Which makes us choose the candidate by issues.  We have to go issue-by-issue and tally up how we compare to them.  And then we have to weigh each of those factors by percentage to see which issues are of paramount importance, moderate importance, or of no importance to us.

In short phrases, this is Libertarianism:

Socially liberal.

Fiscally conservative.

Small government.

Personal responsibility.

Free market economy.


Free trade.

Property ownership.

Does Libertarianism hold all the answers?  Of course not.  But neither does any other political ideology in my opinion.  For me, this ideology comes closest to maximizing personal freedom and minimizing the size and bureaucracy of government.  I don’t agree with everything it has to offer, but from what I know about most of my friends they don’t agree fully with the politics of whichever of the two majors parties that they most closely associate with themselves.

For more information, check out these links:

Libertarian Party


The Cato Institute

Reason Magazine


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