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2012 Books

I heard somewhere this year that the average American reads 17 books per year…  I’m highly skeptical.  Seems like an awfully high number to me.  Unfortunately, I’ve been cursed with a passion for reading but do so at a snail’s pace.  I did not meet my quota for this year, but would like to think that I had some interesting reads.  Mostly fiction this year for some reason.  Well, here’s my list:

Go Ask Alice (214pp)

The Book of Drugs – Mike Doughty (252pp)

The Prophet – Kahlil Gibran (96pp)

The Clockwork Universe, Issac Newton, the Royal Society, and the Birth of the Modern World – Edward Dolnick (387pp)

Ready Player One – Ernest Cline (374pp)

Lying – Sam Harris (Kindle e-book)

How I Killed Pluto and Why it Had it Coming – Mike Brown (271pp)

Nocturnal – Scott Sigler (567pp)

The Wind Through the Keyhole – Stephen King (309pp)

The House of God – Samuel Shem (380pp)

Help!  A Bear is Eating Me! – Mykle Hansen (129pp)

Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury (176pp)

Xkcd volume 0 – Randall Munroe (111001pp…lol)

The Dog Stars – Peter Heller (320pp)

12.21 – Dustin Thomason (324pp)

Redshirts – John Scalzi (317pp)

Thanksgiving.  How to Cook it Well – Sam Sifton (125pp)

The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty – Dan Ariely (285pp, In progress)

I’m Dreaming of a Black Christmas – Lewis Black (178pp, In progress)

Plus about 10 cookbooks!

How did you guys do?  Post your favorites.


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I might have a problem…

I love cookbooks.

And I love when my kitchen looks like this.  There’s just something about getting lost in a good cookbook or magazine.  The beautiful photos.  Imagining the smells and tastes.  Learning new dishes and new ingredients.  Looking back at recipes that you enjoyed and seeing some sauce splattered on the page.

I also love getting a local cookbook from anyplace that I travel to.  It’s just a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the culture.  Ever better is trying the fare and either searching out the recipe on your own or talking to the chef about how to prepare the dish.  What better way to travel than with your stomach!

Therapy…Reading cookbooks is complete therapy for me.  It is relaxing yet stimulating.  Passive, but active.  It’s armchair traveling.  It’s a story.  A narrative.  And always with a great ending.

What are your favorite cookbooks?


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