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Favorite Smells.

The olfactory system is a primitive and complex part of the human brain.  From an evolutionary standpoint, humans seem to have lost a significant portion of this sense comparative to other mammals.  Many mammals sense of smell is millions of times more acute than humans.  Despite this, our amazing olfactory system can distinguish among 10,000 different odors.

It is linked very closely to the sense of taste (remember holding your nose while eating brussel sprouts as a kid?).  As part of the limbic system, it is also tied closely with memory.  Ever notice how certain smells not only bring back a memory but also and emotional state?  I distinctly remember walking into my son’s school and the smell of the hallways instantly transported me to my first grade elementary school…I mean, I felt like I was there.

Just for fun I decided to post some of my favorite smells.  Those things that don’t just smell good, but evoke some kind of emotion as well.

Fresh cut grass

A well stocked spice cabinet

Meat on the grill

Sesame oil – Weird, I know.

The air after a summer rain


A bookstore with really old books.

Well, those are some of mine.  Please feel free to post yours.



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