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Panko breaded tomatoes and zucchini.


Very quick and easy recipe, and you can utilize your goodies from the garden.  Grab a zucchini and a tomato, like so…



Slice into 1/4 inch rounds, like so…



Now, I’m not usually one for cutting corners.  But I was feeling exceptionally lazy and particularly hungry this morning.  So I just wanted to get the job done.  Mix together panko breadcrumbs and whatever savory spices you like.  I love using panko for this as the breadcrumbs are larger and give a really nice crunch to offset the soft vegetable.  I used the Italian Herb grinder as well as granulated garlic and onion.  If the breadcrumbs seem too big, crush them somewhat as you mix everything together.  Set up a breading station, two or three eggs (beaten) in one bowl and the panko mixture in another.



Heat some vegetable oil in a skillet (medium high heat).  Dredge the tomato and zucchini rounds in the eggs, let residual drip, then bread both sides and gently lay into the oil.



Allow to brown for a couple of minutes per side, then lay on a paper towel to rid the excess oil.




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