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Flank Steak Soft Tacos

Tacos are fantastic.  Savory, and you can add almost anything you want to them.  Here’s a simple recipe for you for flank steak tacos.  Grab a flank steak.  The flank is from the abdomen of the cow, so it’s tough.  Tougher than most other cuts you work with.  Season the steak.  If you’re in a hurry use something like this.

The Badia Fajita seasoning is pretty good, but I like the products from Pico de Gallo.  They make some awesome rubs and seasonings.  The Carne Asada is just the right amount of taste and heat.  If you have time, season with

1 T chili powder

1 t each salt, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin

1/2 t cracked black pepper

Rub rub rub.  I like to score the flank steak since it is tough, just to get some good seasoning deep in the meat.

Grill on medium-high heat until your doneness.  I usually like beef medium, but I’m happy to have flank steak medium-well or well.  The meat still retains its flavor.

As an accompaniment, for the soft tacos I like to grill the tortillas, and then add shredded cabbage and a chipotle mayo sauce.  The chipotle mayo is easy.  Mayo, liquid from canned chipotles (don’t need too much otherwise it will be too hot and overpowering), juice from half a lime, sugar, salt, and pepper.

Then I like to make a nice slaw to offset the heat of the taco.  Julienne carrots, jicama, red onion, vidalia onion, and red bell pepper.  Dress with a wisked mixture of olive oil, fresh lime juice, sugar, salt black pepper, and cumin.


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