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My New Adventure…

Greetings everyone.  This is my new blog, The Grilled Atheist.

Why The Grilled Atheist you ask…  The night is young.  The air is crisp.  Your host is in the kitchen or at the grill preparing some wonderful concoction.  There might be wine flowing.  What naturally happens to we social creatures?  We talk.  And talk, and talk, and talk.  When I am in the kitchen prepping and cooking I usually end up talking to my friends about very similar topics.  My, and their, interests.  Usually these revolve around atheism, science, skepticism, literature, politics, religion, travel, and the like.

The Grilled Atheist is meant to be my space to share with you these varied interests.  I do NOT claim to be a professional chef of any sort.  I have had no formal training in this field.  But I LOVE to cook and create.  So I will discuss cooking, techniques, and recipes.  Additionally, along the way, I will share my musings about the topics that are dear to me.

There is a clear double entendre in my blog name.  First, the marrying of cooking and atheism as two main topics I like.  Second, that sometimes I am “grilled” about my belief system.  I am very happy to share with you all of my thoughts, and respectfully discuss any topics that you find interesting.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Please feel free to “follow” me here and on Facebook.  Feel free as well to comment on anything, as your thoughts are very much appreciated.


Dave (The Grilled Atheist)


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